Chris Malcolm Lottery – Lottery System Review

Chris Malcolm Lottery – Lottery System Review

If you have tried the Chris Malcolm Lottery System and failed to achieve any lottery winnings, you are not alone. This is yet another silly lottery system that guarantee’s big wins but delivers nothing!

Th Chris Malcolm Lottery System is really just an old type lottery system in disguise. Will it help you win Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick %, and Pick 6 lotteries? No! there are no reports of anyone winning with this junky lottery system and get this, the system is NOT developed by a person named Chris Malcolm, it is actually a well known lottery system seller and sneaky marketer Ace Lee. Ace Lee (real name BJ Min) is well know to make up silly lottery systems that do nothing to help you win lotteries, in fact they only put money from your sale into Mr Ace Lee’s pockets. Some of his made up silly lottery systems are Lottery Circle, Inverted Lottery System, Lottery Method, How To Win Pick 6, How To Win Lottery Pool, Lotto BlackBook, Chris Malcolm Lottery, plus many more so BEWARE!

To hide your real name and sell made up high priced lottery systems using fake testimonials and false advertising is totally illegal by the FTC. How many unsuspecting people have fallen victim to this sneaky marketer? Lots that’s why I am writing this article to inform people before they fall victim. Remember, sales pages with tons of hype, promise of big lottery wins are usually 99% crap. If you want a real legit, highly proven and trusted lottery system check out the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system has a very good reputation and you will not go wrong with it. I use it, my friends all use it and it does increase your lottery wins for sure.

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Peter, posted this comment on Apr 4th, 2012

You are soooooo right, Chris Malcolm has very poor lottery systems (i won nothing with them after 3 months) I think Chris Malcolm sells many other systems under different names to hide (Con-Artist)

Steve M, posted this comment on Jan 7th, 2013

Chris Malcolm systems been there done that. Did you know Chris Malcolm has a system called Lottery Winning Package, this is the one I tried and it is totally useless!! Then found oiut this Chris Malcolm character is a con artist and your article backs this up.

Loverboy, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2013

Thanks to all! I now know to avoid these systems.

LB, posted this comment on Jan 12th, 2013

Thanks To All! I now know to avoid these systems.

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