Ken Silvers Lottery Systems NOT Recommended!

Ken Silvers Lottery Systems NOT Recommended!

Ken Silver is a marketer and lottery system seller, who sells the Silver Lotto System, Silver Lotto PRO and Lotto 80 system. These systems are not recommended to use as they have been proven not to work as advertised!

Most people looking for a lottery system will come across Ken Silvers systems (sales pages), Silver Lotto PRO, Silver Lotto system, and Lotto 80 system. Ken Silver claims all his systems will help you win the lottery and give you a very high 98% win rate, which is simply unrealistic. ken Silver shows you many testimonials for his lottery systems to try and sway you into buying them. He even takes it a step further to try and really seal the sale by stating he has a Guaranteed 60 day full refund if your not happy. I have a big problem with all this rubbish Ken silver tries to pass as a legit seller, selling legit lottery systems.

 It has been brought to my attention that Ken Silvers testimonials are not real, nor is his 60 day refund Guarantee. ClickBank offers this 60 day Guarantee that Ken states he has, but ClickBank does not honor refunds for lottery systems or gambling products, so this is a lie! This has been verified by many other people who could not get a refund after contacting ClickBank and even Ken Silver himself. Ken silver is now listed on scam sites as he has so many complaints against him. I talked to one person who called the authorities in New Zealand and they told this person there is no Ken Silver publishing company, which Ken Silver claims he owns. So his name may not even be Ken Silver and he most certainly did not make millions winning the lottery with his systems, that is all a gimmick! Ken Silver says he lives the Lotto Life and if you use his systems and win big, you can live the Lotto Life also. The only way Ken Silver is living the lotto life, is by selling his lottery systems that do nothing, to unsuspecting suckers! By not honoring his refund policy and scamming people, he is getting wealthy. 

 Do your part and inform others about the high risk factor of buying lottery systems from Ken Silver. Maybe we can shut down this shady seller before more people are tricked out of their money. If you have been tricked or scamed by Ken Silver leave a comment below and you should contact ClickBank and report him.

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Amir, posted this comment on Jun 22nd, 2012

Ken silver is a liar! he sell me silver system and not work like say on page to buy from.

Paul T, posted this comment on Jan 5th, 2013

Fiskis, Ken Silver is a known scammer and has been on scam report sites for years. Nothing Ken Silver sells works as he claims and he will never give you a refund, even if states 100% guaranteed refund as for his silly Silver Lotto System.

T37, posted this comment on Jan 18th, 2013

I was fooled by the many FAKE reviews on the Silver Lotto system, which by the way are all written by Ken Silver.

The silver Lotto System is a real crappy system, Ken Silver just lies and uses fake testimonials to trick you.

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